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One Happy Customer

Finding your perfect vehicle!


Here we have Dai, one happy customer. This is a prime example of our speciality here at Moduron GWD Motors Cyf which is sourcing the vehicle you have always dreamed of. Our forecourt may not be the largest which means along with all our rental stock we are unable to display a large variety of cars to suit all needs.  As we know every customer is different with a range of different needs when it comes to vehicles, so why should you settle for a car you only half like because it’s convenient and in a garage near you?

We like to spend time getting to know our customers so we can find out what it is exactly that they are looking for, taking into consideration their budget, model, colour, even down to the extras such [...]

Our eagerly awaited new website is now live, although we are still currently in the process of taking photographs of all the vehicles for sale.

Work has begun on our new website, with plans for it to be up and running in October.

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